Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Catching Up and... I WANNA GRADUATE!

It has been 3 months and one day ever since I started studying architecture. I love architecture, it is my passion and that's the main reason I went into such a demanding field and it keeps me going. It's everything I hold onto at my moments of doubt. I realized my passion for architecture a bit late and there's a very interesting story behind it... remind me to tell you it later.

It is no exaggeration when architecture is referred to as archiTorture, It requires a lot of effort and work and very little sleep and if you don't love it (i.e. you're not a masochist) you cannot become an architect. So far I've been enjoying the type work I've been doing but not the load, but the load is something I'm getting used to. It's all working great except for technical drawing. Technical drawing, I find , is somewhat pointless at this "era", I'm a computer junkie and naturally I would prefer to go to CAD directly instead of nerve-wreaking moments of inking, but they say it has it's benefits, I'm very hesitant about this but I'm ready to believe it (to some point). The technical drawing course is very intensive and covers everything in 4 months (other programs take the same quantity of work in about 8 months). However, I was told that technical doesn't decide if I'm capable of becoming an architect, and it's by no means initiation. On the other hand I've been having trouble with getting grades lower than I had expected, but grades are nothing. They really aren't at this point, because this is just basic foundation and is by no means architecture. Enough with the past but before moving on, I wanna conclude with this: If I had to summ up the last 3 months in one sentence it is this: These days they feel like months, months that flash by within seconds"

As for today, the though that always seemed to haunt me was... I WANNA GRADUATE!!! but nothing comes that easily. As for the daily work... I have a technical drawing assignment (one point perspective) due tomorrow, which I already finished, but it took me lots of time mainly because it is the first time I draw perspective and I was confused by shape made of 2 boxes merged together underneath a windowsill (not as simple as it seems). GLAD that's over with! Moving on with the work I also have a lot on my mind, I have finals next month and I should probably start studying but today bears a lot of shit to think about tomorrow, I have a technical drawing assignment which will be due on Monday, and it's supposed to keep me up all night, and the most abstract puppet to design and an essay to write.... Oh and my life with all it's ups and downs (YES you get to keep your life and be an architecture student... although it is highly recommended that you abandon it) But be sure of one thing, the work can't keep me busy enough so as not to worry about a 9-hour technical drawing exam on the 29th of January which will decide if I pass or flunk the course. But it should work out.. it always does (optimism =D)

But here are 4 positive thoughts that keep me going:
A- Im gonna get to sleep tonight =D
B- I'm making some good friends with my fellow architects :P
C- After finals I get about 20 days of work-free vacation (term break and other stuff)
D- This is real, I'm where I wanna be, every second that passes is a step closer to becoming an Architect.

That's pretty much all for today, Im pretty exhausted so I better get to sleep, I have classes tomorrow.. nighty night

P.S. mind the quality of the punctuation and the structure of this post... I had to do this very quickly :)


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