Thursday, January 7, 2010

Juggling too many balls...

Hello world,
It was another new day, with new troubles and more intense stress. I was working on my puppet now but I'm sick of trying to make it work, so I thought I'd write this... as a break. THE PUPPET IS A LOT OF TROUBLE (my current design project).. I'm not a puppeteer and I really don't need to be one, but I am on the other hand a designer and I was asked to design a puppet of myself with the most abstract demands, so I have to take the challenge. although the challenge is proving to be very hard I wouldn't want it any other way, every challenge is a learning opportunity (and an opportunity to fail too,.. BADLY! but let's stay more on the platonic side... it's more uplifting) . I already have my idea, the message I wanna convey and the form of the puppet... but it was all still ideas with a few sketches.... so my puppet was still pretty much virtual at that point, but a few hours ago I started making a model of my puppet to get a sense of the dimensions, the material and most importantly the MECHANISM!!! Google let me down and so did YouTube when it came to researching, but I found a couple of books about marionette making but they are too technical and detailed and they involve lots of wood carving, I don't need that! I figured out the the mechanism of the arms and the top of the body. But what doesn't seem to work out is the lower part (the legs) because the form of the upper body doesn't seem to fit well with the lower part (because its form is very unconventional). The doom might come to me soon If I have to change the whole concept, but the due date is only 12 days away, and although 12 days might seem a lot, they are not, not when I have a million other balls to juggle! So if there are any muses out there now's the time to show up... and If I were that muse I would be quick! But I'm hopeful, and I should get some feedback tomorrow when I discuss my idea with the instructors who have a tendency to bash most ideas...

It wouldn't be an "Architectural Day" (ok it's a lame term but whatever you get the point) unless I have technical to poke my tranquility (oof that was deep) Technical Drawing gave me to the most complicated structure (so far) to draw in perspective (Still one point) It's so overwhelming and I dunno how I'm gonna do it, but all I know is I should finish it by Monday. Ok Im just gonna relax and take it easy.. let's see if that works!

And just when I thought I had enough and I can't take it anymore, there comes the english course nagging at a distance with an essay which is due soon (first draft) and a Unit exam tomorrow, along with my statics final ( the engineering course I have to take) and the History that should push some more load some time very soon!

That was pretty much all for the day, I had 2 hours of sleep after I came home from university, so I should be staying up till about 2:00 am working on my model and some of that english but I guess I'll sleep earlier I should wake up early tomorrow head off to the studio and YES do my technical drawing! Who knew FUN had so many alternate spellings.. Anyways tonight I slp with one thought.. That which doesn't kill me will only make me stronger till next time... take care =D


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